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Workshops are designed with your needs in mind and unlimited access is included with each package. Each workshop will be a hands-on experience. Expect to leave with new knowledge and tools that you'll be able to apply to your every day.

Workshop attendance is optional. Sit in on as many or as little as you'd like. Specific workshop times will be provided to attendees prior to the event.

Below is a sampling of workshops we've offered in the past. This year's workshop details will be announced June 2018.

coco herda vision


Kundalini Yoga, Meditation
& Vision Boards

Coco will lead sunrise Kundalini Yoga and meditation sessions as well as the vision board workshop. Learn how to begin each day with purpose and mindfulness and create a visual representation of who you are and what you want to be. Leave Spark with a new sense of self and a tangible guide to expand your reality and embody your destiny.

Leader: Coco Herda


Negotiating & Saying No

Knowing how to set boundaries is at the root of negotiating and having the ability to confidently say no. Kri will help attendees define their boundaries, understand the art of negotiating, and uncover how to easily say no even during times of pressure.

Leader: Kri Edholm


Personal Branding & Social Media

The first step in communicating what people think or know about your business is to define your personal brand. Jennifer will guide you through an exercise in defining exactly who you are and what you represent. She’ll also cover a high-level overview of how to use social media as a way to expand your brand and message.

Leader: Jennifer Gonzalez

rachel wenmen organization


Life Flows + Formulas

Happiness comes from truly understanding what is in front of us and being present in the moment. With so many distractions and a limited number of hours in each day, Rachel will lead attendees through methods to decrease pressure and introduce organization in your every day life. Develop your formula for success and learn how to sustain using motivation and daily rituals.

Leader: Rachel Wenman


Equus Experience

Courage often comes from unpredictable places and in this workshop, you’ll learn how working with horses introduces authenticity and self-reflection. Katelynn will show attendees how horses become a mirror of who you are and what they can do to bring out the courageous side of you. This will be an unexpected experience for those who have or have not been around horses before as you look, listen, touch and feel these majestic animals.

Leader: Katelynn Hentzell

david bremson power


Self-Awareness & Self-Defense

The power workshop series will include a session on self-awareness and an additional opportunity to practice self-defense. Learn how to project power and increase situational awareness, identify potential threats and reduce the likelihood of becoming a target in public spaces. David will discuss primary places for assault, robbery, and theft and will cover easy to adopt habits and mindset to increase your safety. Your Defense is Personal.

Leader: David Bremson


Goals & Opportunity

Most people are familiar with goals, but are you using them to their full potential? In this workshop, you’ll learn how to write effective goals. Once your goals are clearly defined, Kri will teach attendees how to use goals as a way to leverage opportunity and communicate success in a clear and comfortable way.

Leader: Kri Edholm

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