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  • spark womens retreat testimonial erica suarez
    The best experience and most rewarding of my life!! It’s pretty amazing the magic that happens when women from all over come together and empower each other to be the best they can be! Thank you so much Spark Women’s Retreat, I found my Spark again! ? #ecstatic
    Erica S.
    West Covina, CA
  • spark womens retreat testimonial penny robertson
    What an amazing weekend of empowered women, empowering women! Thank you, Kri Edholm, (heart & soul), for developing and delivering Spark! Thank you to all the workshop leaders for sharing your wonderful talents. And to all my fellow Spark mates for showing up and sharing yourself.  I’m truly thankful and grateful for each of you and for the experiences shared!
    Penny R.
    Las Vegas, NV
  • spark womens retreat testimonials joy
    Spark is one of the most beautiful and special weekends!! I love feeling so interconnected with a diverse group of women as we are all together learning, sharing, growing, adventuring, and relaxing! Kri has created something incredibly special and I’m so thankful to have experienced the magic of Spark the last 2 years!
    Joy H.
    Las Vegas, NV
  • spark womens retreat testimonial joanne
    It is difficult to adequately describe the amazing experiences I’ve had attending Spark these past 2 years. The talent, energy and diversity of individuals Kri assembled to lead the workshops created an environment of love, relaxation, growth, and deep self – exploration. To top that off, the bond support created amongst the wonderful attendees at Sparks will be life long!
    Joanne H.
    Las Vegas, NV
  • spark womens retreat testimonials clarissa hernandez
    Look it's me! Check out Spark Women's Retreat for a life-changing experience!
    Clarissa H.
    Toluca Lake, CA
spark womens retreat testimonial andrea acosta



- Andrea Acosta, Las Vegas

"I am so grateful for this experience."

"This past weekend I had the amazing opportunity to experience Spark Women's Leadership Retreat hosted by Kri Edholm of Leadership Excursion Co. with my amazing friend Jessica.

It was a beautiful weekend where we had the opportunity to connect with so many wonderful women, step out of our comfort zone and tap into our development as leaders. We attended workshops on setting clear goals, negotiating and say no, courage, personal branding, vision board creating and life flows and balance.

I am so grateful for this experience. I met so many women who inspired me to continue on this beautiful path of personal development, growth, and stepping out of my comfort zone. I'm thankful for the new friends I made over the weekend. It was amazing to watch everyone embrace their true spirit, celebrate the essence of what made them unique and share their unique gifts and talents. I have never been amongst a more open and supportive group of women!

Kri was right when she said in order to be successful you need three simple things:

1. Education: learn new things
2. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable: challenge yourself and get out of your comfort zone
3. Community: having a strong support system

It felt great to conquer my fear of canyoneering. I always wanted to cross it off my bucket list, but the fear always prevented me from doing it. It was amazing to be supported by women who encouraged me to get past the fear and simply enjoy being in the moment. I learned all you have to do is take the first step, trust, have faith, and let go. Once you do, anything is possible!!!

Sending a big THANK YOU to Kri and her team of amazing presenters and everyone who made the weekend a success! Can't wait to do it again!" - Andrea Acosta, Las Vegas

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