Lindsey Barbee


Born and raised Alaskan, Lindsey is a professional artist with a love of adventure.

Passionate about alternative lifestyles. 

Lindsey is a seasoned body painter. Finding the love of body art at 15 years old. She has owned and operated her body paint business for 10 years. Vending Alaska’s festivals all across the state. You can find Lindsey working in the midnight sun in the summer and traveling the western states or Mexico during the winter.

Living in her self built van sense 2017 she has created art pieces around the country about her travels, experiences and emotions.

Specializing in surrealist self portraits her art paints a picture of breaking the cycles of depression, drastically changing your life and what its like to leave everything behind to find yourself.

Lindsey makes her living full time traveling with her art. From body painting, fine art to fun stickers celebrating her travels.

Visit Lindsey’s store and Etsy and be sure to follow her on Instagram:

Main personal account: @practicalparadise
Fine art account: @luluunraveled
Body paint account: @originaldoodlebodyart