Jean Marie Munson

Workshop Leader

Jean Marie Munson is a feminist Filipina activist and cartoonist from Guam. She loves using comics as a means to educate and empower those that are underrepresented and misrepresented in comics. She teaches comic workshops all over town and is one of the founders of Plot Twist Publishing. Her overall goal is to build comic literacy and creativity among underserved communities.

Workshop: Pandemic Picture Making: Own your Herstory

Right now we are filled with lots of feelings and emotions as we cope and try to understand the pandemic impact on our physical and mental health. Jean Munson will teach you how to navigate and preserve these moments by ensuring your way intro drawing and writing yourself into history. This workshop uses reflection and an honest outlook of creating messaging for your future self and others to understand what is happening internally and externally for you and people you love. All levels of art a welcome as we doodle quick sketches with deep messages.