Jax Scott

Workshop Leader

As a tenured Special Operations Warrant Officer, tech blogger, small business owner, and Senior Analyst in Global Intelligence, Jaclyn “Jax” Scott has sought to expand her skills within cybersecurity.  Jax has held positions on boards of nonprofits providing tactical advice to reduce injury to women and children affected by sex trafficking and held executive leadership roles providing cybersecurity guidance to foreign leaders.  She is an expert in military cyber policy and has led global development operations in cyber countermeasures to mitigate near-pear attacks. 

Jax has nearly 17 years’ experience working in military operations where she worked on a special unit that offered gender-specific intelligence and security solutions.  She is committed to her growth as a leader and is currently finishing her Master’s in Cybersecurity Risk Management at Georgetown University. 

Workshop: Let’s Talk About Burnout: How “Goal Setting” is the CURE!

During this workshop, we will cover what burnout is and how it affects our whole body.  Then we will tactical hard questions to provide you a personalized guide to goalsetting.  The ultimate goal of this class is to provide you with tools to set sustainable goals in a way that supports your higher purpose and reduces burnout while giving you back time and peace.