Annie Emprima-Martin

Workshop Leader

Annie Emprima-Martin, owner of One.Emprima, is a mom, Army veteran, startup angel investor and trained metaphysician. 

In 2016, Annie deployed to Kuwait with the Army National Guard, as the non-commissioned enlisted of a brigade support operations finance section, traveling to Iraq, Qatar, and Jordan. 

She holds a doctorate degree in metaphysics and a graduate level training in positive psychology. She uses her knowledge of psychology and quantum capabilities guide people toward clarity. Her research studies include the impact of emotions on body and mind; the link of neuroanatomy to psychic capabilities; and ethereal armor. She swims in the deep end of metaphysics with a strong curiosity for quantum consciousness, parapsychology, micro-expressions (body language), graphology, and language patterns: studying how brain works with the mind to create the reality we experience. Annie teaches people how to recognize conflict in the mind, body, and spirit whole, and shows people how to harness that knowledge to propel in business and life. 

Annie has a passion for small business and the entrepreneurial spirit. Since 2017, she has invested $60,000 in helping small businesses launch or move forward. She is currently an angel investor and member of the StartupNV angel fund, AngelNV.

She currently sits on the State of Nevada Women Veteran Advisory Committee and the Veterans Affairs Southern Nevada Healthcare System Veteran and Family Advisory Council. Additionally, she volunteers with Southern Nevada Veteran Community Engagement Board and the Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve. 

For more information on Annie, visit or visit her website

2021 Workshop: Conscious Connections

In this one hour workshop, Annie will bring conscious connections to light based on studies from neuroscience and psychology.

From neuroplasticity to friendships, why good connections matter.