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Meet your 2020 Virtual Leadership Team

Each of the leaders listed below is here for you. Our goal is to provide you with hands-on workshops designed to arm you with knowledge and tools to help break down barriers that may be standing in your way.

2020 Virtual Schedule
2019 spark womens retreat kri edholm
Kri Edholm
Jaimee Finney
Workshop Leader
Jax Scott
Workshop Leader
Margaret Watts Romney
Workshop Leader
Brittany Carlson
Yoga Instructor
Alex Bratty
Workshop Leader
Katie Draznin
Workshop Leader
Lisa Chastain
Workshop Leader
Jean Marie Munson
Workshop Leader
Vent Dance
Dance + Creative Session
Coco Herda
Kundalini Yoga
Casey Jade
Workshop Leader
Stacy James
Workshop Leader
Amie Leadingham
Workshop Leader
Jenna Woginrich
Shirt Designer

2019 Leadership Team

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2018 Classic Leadership Team

The 2nd annual Classic Spark Women's Retreat leadership team highlighted topics surrounding money, how to be a confident speaker, failure, having difficult conversations, courage, and ways to adopt life flows and formulas that work for you.

2017 Classic Leadership Team

How to negotiate and say no, branding, building courage, yoga, adopting activation habits to motivate yourself, and self-defense were the topics that kicked off the inaugural Classic Spark Women's Retreat experience.