jaimee newberry 2019 spark womens retreat leader

Jaimee Newberry

Designing Your Life

“I am living proof that you can design your life” – Jaimee Newberry

On March 17, 2016, Jaimee posted a photo of a business idea to her personal Twitter account. By the end of the same day, TechCrunch did a write-up on her post and it was at that moment that her idea went viral.

It was on this same day that Picture This Clothing was born.

Jaimee Newberry is an accomplished Web Interaction Designer who helped create and push design standards in the technology industry. After experiencing the loss of her dad and extreme burnout in 2012, she knew it was time to redesign her life.

Jaimee is a mom, partner, and Co-Founder of a business that encourages kids to wear their imagination. As one of the 2019 Classic Spark Women’s Retreat leaders, Jaimee will present a keynote where you’ll learn about her story, what it’s like to balance a viral business with being a mom, and what you can do to design your life.